Summer Debate Camps -
Typical Day

Here is a facsimile of a debate camp day for a (strictly) commuter camp. A residential camp is similar up to about 5 pm, but includes (1) more recreation and (2) instruction and debate in the evening.

9:30-10:00 AM … Senior Instructor lectures on oratory technique.
10:00-10:30 AM … Students divide into small groups, and put into practice the new technique. Exercises are chosen in a way that also facilitates insights into public policy. An instructor oversees each practice group.
10:30-11 AM … Senior Instructor lectures on oratory and debate technique.
11-11:45 … Students divide into small groups, practice and conduct brief debates. Exercises and the debates in question facilitate insights into history. An instructor oversees each group.
11:45 AM-1 PM … Lunch and Recreation
1-1:10 PM … A video is shown that presents competing interpretations of a pivotal event in history.
1:10-1:20 PM … Senior Instructor expands upon the competing interpretations.
1:20-2:20 PM … Students divide in debate over the aforementioned event. Instructor(s) oversee debate and intervene here and there in order to reinforce techniques presented in morning sessions.
2:20-2:35 PM … Break and Recreation
2:35-3:20 PM … Senior Instructor introduces a particular, formal debate format (e.g. public forum), and discusses debate tactics. He also sets the scene and provides a public policy briefing for the upcoming, elaborate debate.
3:20-5 PM … Students divide in the aforementioned elaborate debate. Episodic instructor interventions sharpen skills and intensify critical thinking.